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Question & Answer on Infrared Communication
Interference against medical instrument

I wonder that the medical instrument makes the electromagnetic fault operation because of the interference from the optical equipment. But I think that it is no problem except the direct laser beam compared to the scattering radio wave.


The optical energy of the optical equipment does not make the interference against the electrical circuit of the medical instrument if it means the electromagnetic interference.

We have the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) international standard of the medical instrument (IEC 601-1-1-2) and the investigation report of the influence on the medical instrument caused by the electromagnetic field of the several radio equipment. But we have not the similar standard and the report about the optical equipment.

Generally speaking it is probable that there is the influence on the data in the case that the medical instrument transmits the sensing data as the optical beam if both of the wave length are coincide with each other between the optical equipment and the medical instrument.

But we have no example of the interference about the medical instrument.

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