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Q1-1 What is infrared communication ?
A1-1 Remote controller of television or air-conditioner can turn on the switch and change the TV channel from the remote place. This is the infrared communication.
1-1 The representative examples of infrared communication are the remote controller used in home and IrDA used in note-type personal computer, personal digital assistance and cellular phone. Infrared communication is the main method in indoor application because the false operation is rare compared with ultrasonic and radio systems and the equipment is easy about transmission and reception. Transmission method is similar with optical fiber system but the signal is transmitted through open air in infrared communication system.
Q1-2 Is infrared communication visible ?
A1-2 Infrared communication is not visible because infrared is not sensible for our eye.
Q1-3 How does infrared communication transmit the signal ?
A1-3 Signal is transmitted using infrared switched by electric data.
Q1-4 What is the advantage of infrared communication ?
A1-4 At first the mobility can be easily maintained and we never stumble over the cable when we use personal computer. Establishment work is easy and is of a low price because the cable work is not necessary at the layout change. Moreover the electromagnetic interference against other equipment and the signal leakage are not needed to be considered compared with radio system.
1-4 There are two methods of radio wave and infrared as the wireless communication.  The layout design and the mobility of personal computer are easy and the free access floor is not needed because of the wireless system. Moreover the signal leakage and the interference against other OA equipment and pacemaker are not needed to be considered compared with radio system.
Q1-5 What happens when infrared is reflected by window glass ?
A1-5 Transmission is affected when the reflected infrared is received. We recommend the consultation with system supplier about the counter method.
1-5 The reception of the reflected infrared is equivalent to the signal collision. We can get the shielding panel of the reflected infrared and the infrared system can be used in any environment using the shielding panel.

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