“Visible Light Communications Association (VLCA)”, which is a general incorporated association, was established on May 2014, after 11 years of activities of Visible Light Communications Consortium since 2003. In Jun 2018, VLCA became a section of Japan Photonics Council (JPC).

Visible light sources such as LED lights are being widely used for such applications as illumination lamps, traffic signals, and car lamps.

It is now necessary to construct the base of the visible light communication business by making platforms such as new standards, and new management. That is why we had started to establish a new general incorporated association to support these activities.

We would like to ask companies in various industries such as telecommunication industry, lighting industry, social infrastructure industry, Internet industry, computer industry, and semiconductor industry, etc. to join Visible Light Communications Association for realizing the visible light communication infrastructure and its business. We would like to realize a comfortable everyday life and work environment by using visible light communication technologies.