Presented papers

Session 1 and 2:
1-1. Connected OCC Signages for Small-Cell Networks :download
1-2. Performance Enhancement for Image Sensor Communication in an Intelligent Transport System :download
1-3. PSK modulation in camera based VLC for receiving from distributed transmitters :download
1-4. Symbol Synchronization Performance of Image-Sensor VLC with Rolling Shutter :download
1-5. Secure VLC services and practical applications :download
1-6. Psychological and Physiological Effects of VLC using Versatile CSK Code Patterns :download
2-1. Prototype Enabling Commercial Off-the-Shelf LED Bulbs with Internet Protocol Connectivity :download
2-2. Non-RLL DC-Balance based on a Pre-scrambled Polar Encoder :download
2-3. Design of Synchronization Signal Embedded Optical Wireless Differential OOK :download

Invited Talks:
3-1. Zhengyuan Xu (University of Science and Technology of China) :download
3-2. Takao Sawa (Japan Agency for the Marine-earth Science and Technology) :download
3-3. Nan Chi (Fudan University, P.R. China) :download
3-4. Masao Nakagawa (Keio University) :download