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English Information

Updated new board member, new corporate member, new activity of Research Group of LED application to Industrial Utilization and JPC Kansai and under consideration of new working groups (WG) establishment of Photonic Functional Polymers.

JPC (Japan Photonics Council)  profile brochure is given below. Please click to download pdf file.
NPO JPC Brochure 201501 A4 4rv

The 2014 activities is summarized in the below pdf document and please click to down load file.
2014 Activity of Japan Photonics Council rv3

* JPC has held regular JPC forum (bi-monthly) since 2009 establishment. The below titles are what contributors have presented and discussed in recent forum. The presenters were widely invited from academia, industry experts, and JPC member companies.JPC Forum and other Archives:

Titles of NPO JPC regular forum and other activities

2015 Activity (under construction)


2014 March 18 Will hold on optical thin film technology in IR application, medical application in measurement and clinical treatment by photons and notable special topics of organic photonics area.
2014 January 29 Had the new year special forum and information exchange meeting. Dr. T. Yatagai (Utsunomiya Univ.) lectured the special session of SPIE and Photonic Industry prosperity and Mr. Y. Kotani (OITDA managing director) presented the  Domestic production revenue trend of Photonic Industry and Global market trend. Please refer the details.  

2013 November 20 Had the joint session of 6th UUO Salon at High Life Plaza Itabashi sponsored by Utsunomiya University Center for Optical Research & Education.
Please refer the details.


2013 September 10 Future and footprint of device and system development in fiber optic telecom Reality and Issues of 100G optical telecom technology OFC/NFOEC 2013 report-latest optical telecom devices Recent member activity and future plan

2013 July 24 Invited talk: Reality and perspective of Photonics meta-materials Governmental funding and support for technical developments by medium and small size companies Corporate profile introduction of new member companies, Okamoto Glass, Prime Net,  and HOYA CANNDEO OPTRONICS

2013 May 24 Potentiality of photonic functional polymer Memorial talk of intellectual property right and management strategy; from topics of photonic technology

2013 March 01 Joint Forum with OITDA study group of optical materials and application technologies. 1. to 4. session ; OITDA study group 5. Conference report of 2013 Photonics West

2013 January 25 Strategic Product Presentation by member companies

  • Coating on optical product, cosmetic bottles,  and amusement product (Wako Optical)
  • Measurement Instrument of wavelength displacement in FBG (Watanabe Co., LTD)
  • Computer simulation tools for devices and system (Optiwave Japan)
  • Development of optical system instrument to meet with customer’s specific requirement (Kuge)
  • Glass polarizer of CODIXX (Fujitok)

Taiwan, Chinese industrial zone and Japan – Discussing Optical Industry and Taiwan as gateway Preview of 2013 Photonics West


2012 November 15 Fiber optic sensors and new disaster prevention businessActivities of FTTH Council Asia-Pacific and FTTH penetration trend in Asia-Pacific regionOptical industry market trends

2012 September 25 Chirp mirror: dispersion compensation mirror for ultra short pulse laserInfrared communication system association and their approach in JPCA Unique Business Model from Canadian Optics Industrial R&D Center (Mr. Simon Labbe, INO) 

2012 July 11 Consideration of issues on realization of high  precision processing by ultra pulse laserNano imprint and its applicationPublication of “Introduction to Fiber Optic Sensor” and overviewReport: establishment of MOU between JPC and Canadian Quebec Photonic Network.

2012 May 15 Laser displayLens 101 and Optics systemJPC activities and member proposals for future JPC after 2012 annual meeting

2012 March 15 Cell observation and quantitative measurement by quantitative phase microscopePhotonics West 2012 conference reportLatest trend of JPC global exchange subcommittee activitiesMember proposals of JPC organization system and activity plans in future

2012 January 19 Evolution of quantum dots photonics devicesFiber optic technology to realize space divisional transmission (multi-cores SM fiber)Corporate activity of Opto-MarketingPreview of 2012 Photonics West


2011 November 9 Standardization activities in Optical industry and technology development association (OITDA)Pico-pulse laser for ultra-precision processingCorporate activity of optical related technologies and product introduction by Asahi Glass Corp.International conference and exhibition report of POEM (Photonics and OptoElectroncs Meetings, Wuhan, China)

2011 September 22 Future Fiber optic telecommunication system; University and Optical communication technologiesNew laser for developing era; New generation laser research center and various lasersIndustrial fiber optic products in Mitsubishi Cable Industry

2011 July 6 Corporate strategies (II) of Japan Laser Corp.Silicon waveguide with nano-structure for fiber optic telecommunication devicesStepper optics system for pursuing ultimate limitsOptics products to provide excellent performance by Fujitok

2011 May 17 Industry and academia alliance in Optics education center (Utsunomiya University)Recent research issues in fiber optic telecommunicationJPC activities in 2011 (member exchange meeting)